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The Best West Java Tofu Eggplant Stew Recipe

Whoever likes to cook, of course, should know the recipe for atypical West Java eggplant tofu myrrh.  Considering that Indonesia is one of the countries that has a wealth in the culinary world, especially the western part of Java.  Do not forget that the country has different types of food from end to end.

From sabang to merauke terdapat delicious culinary that can be enjoyed by all people without exception. Try to start early to learn about the types of food because the characteristics of each region are very unique and traditional. One of the most appetizing culinaries is often referred to as eggplant stew tofu.

It is considered that the recipe for eggplant stewed tofu typical of West Java is not yet known by many people, of course you have to understand from now on.   Being a typical West Java culinary, of course, you can pamper the language of connoisseurs of gastronomic tourism.   Perhaps for you, as one of the culinary tourism enthusiasts, you will be interested immediately after feeling it.

The taste is quite unique and is considered very good, which guarantees that someone will be addicted to trying again. When seen from theinitial and the appearance, it may not necessarily be appetizing, but if you feel it, the smell is very pleasant. In fact, this is the menu most sought after by the public when they come to the restaurant.

It will be difficult if you have to come directly to a restaurant, it is better to start early trying to understand the whole recipe. Because we will explain in detail from the beginning how to cook correctly. For more information, here is a comprehensive discussion that is easy to understand.

The origin of the West Java tofu eggplant stew recipe

Stews are basically known as processed meats with a pretty delicious taste because they are made with a combination of many ingredients. If you have experienced it directly, you can be sure that there is a spicey taste sensation.   In addition, in Indonesia it is rich in spices like various types, including walnut, cinnamon, cloves, etc.

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Giving some selected spices to food can certainly make the feeling more unstable when enjoyed. In addition, besides that the cold atmosphere will surely make the appetite increase more and certainly make you want to try continuously. Stews are often present during Eid al-Fitr.

The history of stews in general before the recipe for typical West Java eggplant stews was found turned out to  be quite unique. How does this singularity not arise because this type of food is the result of the fusion of many cultures between countries.  This is evidenced by the acculturation of Indonesia, the Netherlands and also China.

This tradition has been going on since ancient times, because people often process meat.   Well, over time stew meat has become a tradition that is used as a traditional local dish.   Then, over time, this recipe was developed by many people until there were many types of how to cook it, etc.

Being the only most popular food that is timeless, of course, from this moment on, you should also understand the entire recipe. We will explain all the way to cook from the required ingredients. Just pay attention to the core of the following discussion to make it easier to make specialties without going to a restaurant.

Complete condiments that are easy to get

Using the West Java tofu eggplant stew recipe turns out to only use ingredients often found around the residence.   Maybe when visiting the nearest market there are already complete materials just pay without having to bother looking. The main ingredient that fits the previous title is the presence of eggplants.

The use of eggplant is used as the first element necessary to facilitate the process of making the above foods. If this is your first time trying, try not to use too many materials to avoid the risk of wasting it in vain. Then start by preparing four purple eggplants is enough.

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Then, to follow the main recipe for stews, it is definitely necessary to use beef in the most chewy part.   The existence of beef being the main ingredient from an early age should be prepared in moderation. If you look at the previous serving, use about 100 grams of meat only.

Then you also need to have 50 grams of tofu as a complement to the West Java tofu eggplant stew recipe.   Pay attention to the use of water because it takes approximately 1,700 ml to complete the cooking process until it is cooked later. But cooking oil is also not far behind because it is used to cook all spices.

Condiments to make food taste good

Entering the stage of preparation of seasonings, of course, from now on, try to use  shallots without the type of white shallots.   Condiments must be met so that the taste created is even better when the food has been served later.  A total of 8 cloves, use everything to crush first before cooking later.

Not only that, the use of red chili is also necessary to create spicy, but only according to taste. There is no need to overdo it if you don’t want to be too hot, you can use chili peppers a little.   Also use half a teaspoon of nutmeg that has been crushed into fine grains so that it can be easily soaked on the plate.

Resep eggplant stew tofu typical of West Java  is then in  the form of additional pepper in sufficient quantities, which is a quarter teaspoon.   Also add sweet soy sauce of about ten tablespoons to clarify the characteristic sweetness of the stew.   To add sweetness it is also necessary to use granulated sugar.

But salt is also needed as a stopper so that there is a tasty taste in the food when cooked later.  So now we get into the way of doing, where the earliest thing is to clean all the meat cut into small pieces.  Heat  the tofu until  it boils, then it remains only to drain, then cut the onions and chili.

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Easy-to-stew making  process

When entering the manufacturing stage, of course, the first step should be to heat the cooking oil with a hot stove fire.   After that, simply put the red chili seasoning along with the shallots in a pan.   Wait for a while until a delicious aroma appears and becomes a kecokecan, then put the meat.

But first, according to the recipe for West Java tofu eggplant stew to make the taste of meat taste more tender, it must first be boiled.  Boil meat should be cooked so that softness can be achieved quickly.  Then, when the meat has been put, add pepper, nutmeg, to the salt to taste.

While waiting for the mixing process to be evenly distributed, you can pour the broth while stirring continuously. Pour the broth after the spices are well mixed, after which it should also be stirred again until mixed.  Almost ready, pour a series of main sinksin the form of eggplant and tofu as needed when cooking typical culinary dishes.

Stir untilevenly distributed, you should also pour enough sweet soy sauce  to add to the taste buds even more evocative.  Wait for the soup to boil until the temperature is above 100 degrees Celsius, then put the vinegar a little. Stir again and this meal is ready to be served wonderfully to eat with the family.

The tofu eggplant stew has been finished following in the footsteps of Indonesia’s best chef, namely the traditional regional community. Knowing all the above explanations, you are sure to be able to add information about the culinary world. Now the West Java tofu eggplant stew recipe can be tried for yourself without having to be extravagant.

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