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How to transfer this to another THIS, easily and quickly

THIS is a type of e-money found in Indonesia, there is a way to transfer THIS to THIS of your friend or someone else. Of course, the existence of e-money or electronic money technology will facilitate the existing payment system. Because it is considered more practical and fast.

Ease of use of electronic money can be obtained if you only have a sufficient balance and an e-money account. Balance is very important, just like the balance in the ATM. The balance in this e-money also determines how much money is stored in it.

Therefore, the balance contained in the user account must be taken into account, otherwise this means that it will be useless later. Therefore, users should remember and periodically check the available balance. Checking the balance sheet is very easy, just open the application that is installed on the smartphone.

There are so many benefits that are provided by using this e-money. That’s right, users can also make transfers between THESE users. But first you need to meet some conditions in order to be able to enjoy the function. In addition, if the balance in the account is not enough, you must first surpass.

Above, before you know how to get THIS into THIS

Before you make any transaction involving e-money, of course, a certain balance is required for this. Add THIS balance to the top, there are many ways to top the balance on THIS account. Like through ATMs, m-banking, through cashiers that used to work with THIS.

There is a minimum highest requirement, if through a bank, ATM or m-banking account there is usually a minimum of a maximum nominal 10 thousand. If through one of the cashiers who have previously worked with THIS, usually a minimum of 50 thousand.

How to transfer THIS to THIS through the above  transaction requires an additional fee for an administrative fee. Don’t worry, the price isn’t expensive, just $1,000. But if you outperform over grab drivers, this administrative fee is waived. So, the desire to excel anywhere remains the same, depending on your individual comfort .

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To get the steps on top over the bank’s ATM, here’s how, first , insert the ATM into  the ATM. Select the Transfer menu, select transfer to another bank. If you have chosen Nobu bank and fill in odes 503 followed by the number 9 + digits of a mobile phone number, for example, 5039081..

If you choose the preferred nominal one, you will be charged a thousand rupees. And the minimum upper part is 10,000, after which the transaction ends with the following instructions. If you can  check your account on your smartphone, whether the balance is entered accordingly or not.

Meet the requirements and how to bring this into this

If a step has been taken towards the top of this balance sheet and is sufficient for your needs, pay attention to the conditions when transferring THIS  to THIS.  Of course, in order to transfer your balance to THIS balance, other people must first meet the requirements. The main condition is that you need to perform an upgrade.

What is meant by upgrading here is upgrading YOUR THIS account  to THIS Premier. So you can get this transfer feature easily and quickly later. To upgrade and get this balance transfer feature, you must first perform verification. You need an ID card and a picture later.

The first condition for transferring THIS to THIS is  the preparation  of the ID card and camera on your smartphone  , try to use a clear camera to facilitate the face verification phase. The first step in upgrading is to select the menu to upgrade in the app. If you chose to upgrade online, take a clear photo of your ID card.

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After that, fill in your mother’s biological name and then take a picture of your face and ID card by holding her. Try not to blur the photo and it should be focused and clear. After that, check and check the box for available terms and conditions. Select the process and proceed with verification.

This verification process usually takes a maximum of 24 hours. So you don’t have to wait long, let alone that it can only be done at home. This will certainly provide its own convenience to its users. If it is verified, your account can be used for transfers.

Transfer to this

There are several  steps  to switch ING to THIS, which are easy and don’t take long. This means that it only requires upgrading the account to Premier and can already perform this transaction. Of course, before you make a transfer, make sure your balance is sufficient according to your needs.

Because it’s useless that he’s been promoted to the Premier league but the balance is insufficient. Here’s the step in transacting transactions from an account to another account.   The first way to get this into this is  to open the app on your smartphone. If you have selected the transfer menu on the main page of the application.

After that, choose to transfer to fellow users, if you just filled out the form with your name or user number. In this step, pay close attention to the number or name you fill in , try not to make mistakes. To avoid this, select contacts as well.

This will make it easier for you if the transfer user is already registered in the smartphone contacts. In addition to being more practical, this is to make sure that the completed number is correct. If you have filled in a nominal that will be transferred later, the minimum amount to be transferred is 10 thousand.

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If you have continued to the next process, this is the content of the message, where this is optional. Cannot be filled in for additional transaction information. If you have selected a continuation and a pop-up window will appear regarding transaction information. When the data is confirmed to be correct and appropriate, press the transfer button.

After that, all that remains is to wait for the balance to enter the recipient’s account. Confirm manually with the recipient whether the balance has been received or not.   You don’t usually wait witha long balance. It takes only a few minutes after the transaction is completed, just like the usual ATM transfer.

 Fees from OVO to OVO Transfers

If you already understand and know how to transfer THIS into THIS and the conditions that must be met. On this occasion, information will be provided about the costs required for t-ransaksi.   For transa x and between users and OVO accounts the fee required is free.

This is done to make users more comfortable using the features available in this app. However, it is different if the transfer is made from OVO user to a bank account, there is a transaction fee, which is 2500 rupees per transaction.

So make sure that the balance you have is sufficient so that it is not lower later due to additional transaction costs. It is very easy and fast with the existence of this electronic money technology. In Indonesia, this technology has been supported by many stores, whether it is food or other products.

In addition to being lighter and faster, the use of e-money also aims to make financial transactions more convenient than before. All you need is a smartphone, you can make transactions quickly. With this method of transferring THIS into THIS , it is hoped that users will be more comfortable.

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